Clifford J Molin, MD MBA
Board Certified in Internal Medicine
2481 Professional Ct
Las Vegas, NV 89128
(702) 382-1599

Clifford J. Molin, MD, MBA

Dr. Molin has been a practicing internist in the Cleveland, Ohio area for the past 14 years. He is Board Certified in Internal Medicine and completed his residency training at Mount Sinai Medical Center in Cleveland.

Dr. Molin believes that it is through the physician-patient partnership that excellent health care is achieved. He brings to this partnership the skills of an experienced physician in both an outpatient and hospital setting. Experience and availability to manage the broad spectrum of medical problems defines Dr. Molin's abilities and reputation.

Listening to the patient and ensuring that the medical care chosen is a joint partnership decision between the patient and the physician is a cornerstone of his patient care philosophy.

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